Jonas Ersland
Designer based in Norway / Netherlands · Info Close

Close I work with people-centered design, spanning from visual art direction to physical experiences. At the moment I’m studying in the Food / Non-Food department at the Design Academy Eindhoven, which you can follow here. I’m also working on the on-going photo project Nowhere Like Home.

I also have a BA in Graphic Design from Westerdals School of communication, and several years of freelance design experience.


Visuelt 2014, Diploma
Visuelt 2013, Diploma
Gullblyanten 2013, Gold
Visuelt 2012, Diploma
D2 March 2012, feature

(+31) 681 050 060

Wine Not

Wine Not consists of a bag of wine connected to a nasogastric feeding tube entering the stomach. I wore it during the first midterm presentation of Food Non-Food, giving the audience control over the amount of wine entering my body!


AMPMFM is the world's first completely public radio – a radio transmitter placed in public space, for everyone to use. The project, which was my graduation assigmnent at WSoC, was based on a simple question that has always interested me – how can I invite people to become more involved in their surroundings?

Reproduction – An exhibition in cooperation

What do you end up with when you filter a message through a long chain of seasoned communicators? During a two-month long workshop, we wanted to explore what would happen when skilled people got together to push the boundaries of communicating even further.

To menn på Tøyenbadet

I always got fascinated by listening to the casual conversations between people in public, so I went collecting them with my sound recorder. After hiding the recorder in the men's shower of a public bath, one of the conversations especially tickled my interest.

Wits End Discography

Siste Sukk tapes & records is a small oslo-based independent label focusing on emo and hardcore, releasing most of their music on tape. When we made the cassette-cover for Wits End's latest release, we wanted to let an unconventional use of material play a major role in the design.

InMono, public sound amplifier

InMono is a small sound-amplifier generating soundwaves from vibrations naturally occuring in public objects. The project aims to let people tune into their surroundings in a new way. Insert headphones and listen!

There's Another Green

Growing tired of his dayjob as an incredibly talented illustrator, Marvin Halleraker decided to give his music a shot and released his first album There's Another Green instead.