Jonas Ersland
Designer based in Norway / Netherlands · Info Close

Close What will you do for me?
I want to make you happier, healthier, smarter, prettier, wealthier and in general more successful.

Can you?
Sure! I'm currently studying Food / Non-Food at the Design Academy Eindhoven, but I'm available for freelance work. I'd love to hear more about that exciting thing you're thinking about!

How can we stay in touch?
Here's a handful of options: Tumblr · Ello · Instagram · Nowhere Like Home

What have you done before?
I have a BA in Graphic Design from Westerdals School of Communication, as well as a Gold in Gullblyanten 2013, a Diploma in Visuelt 2012 and Visuelt 2013, and a mention in D2. I am also part of a few exciting projects: Rullebrettfabrikken, Valuta Press, Formering. · (+31) 681 050 060


AMPMFM is the world's first completely public radio – a radio transmitter placed in public space, for everyone to use. The project, which was my graduation assigmnent at WSoC, was based on a simple question that has always interested me – how can I invite people to become more involved in their surroundings?

Reproduction – An exhibition in cooperation

What do you end up with when you filter a message through a long chain of seasoned communicators? During a two-month long workshop, we wanted to explore what would happen when skilled people got together to push the boundaries of communicating even further.


When playing with contact microphones, really small objects can be a challenge, as you need to generate a certain degree of vibration in the things you'd like to listen closer to. And smaller things can be really shy, soundwise. So I wanted to see if I could do something about it. The Klangstasjon extracts sounds hidden in small metal objects.

To menn på Tøyenbadet

I always got fascinated by listening to the casual conversations between people in public, so I went collecting them with my sound recorder. After hiding the recorder in the men's shower of a public bath, one of the conversations especially tickled my interest.

Wits End Discography

Siste Sukk tapes & records is a small oslo-based independent label focusing on emo and hardcore, releasing most of their music on tape. When we made the cassette-cover for Wits End's latest release, we wanted to let an unconventional use of material play a major role in the design.

InMono, public sound amplifier

InMono is a small sound-amplifier generating soundwaves from vibrations naturally occuring in public objects. The project aims to let people tune into their surroundings in a new way. Insert headphones and listen!

There's Another Green

Growing tired of his dayjob as an incredibly talented illustrator, Marvin Halleraker decided to give his music a shot and released his first album There's Another Green instead.

Hyperfokus, Oslo Festival of Minimalistic Music

Minimalistic music is an incredibly diverse genre, with great variation in musical style and philosophy. Still, all the directions share a certain devotion to constraints and limitations, which is what makes it so fascinating. Hyperfokus is the only festival in Norway focusing on minimalistic music.