Jonas Ersland
About me
I study Food Non Food at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Previously I studied Graphic Design at Westerdals Oslo ACT. Across a variety of themes and techniques,
I explore ways to present the present.

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Visuelt 2014, Diploma
Visuelt 2013, Diploma
Gullblyanten 2013, Gold
Visuelt 2012, Diploma
D2 March 2012, feature

Nowhere Like Home 2016
Dutch Design Week 2015
Paris Design Week 2015
Milan Design Week 2015
TypoGraphic, Grafill 2015
Formering, Grafill 2013
Stain Alive
This project consists of a small army of dirt crayons. The dirt has been extracted from several from buckets of floor cleaning water. By turning it into crayons, the dirt is armed with an intention. The visitor is invited to pick up a crayon and turn it into a stain again, exploring line between dirty and clean – and what it means to give purpose to the non-purpose.
2014 –
Nowhere Like Home
Nowhere Like Home is an ongoing photo series exploring the sense of intimacy found in ordinary places. I’m fascinated by how all places have a layer of introvert personality only expressed through silent, non-verbal signs. Every month I’m exploring a new place, trying to uncover what it looks like when no one is watching.

Follow the series here.
Wine Not
Wine Not consists of a bag of wine connected to a nasogastric feeding tube entering the stomach. I wore it during the first midterm presentation of Food Non-Food, giving the audience control over the amount of wine entering my body!
Personal business card
Making business, saving lives.
Who's asking the last question?
During the Dutch Design Week 2015 I worked with the Create Out Loud talkshows, where we were doing experiments in immersive reporting. For my report on designers and scientists working together I focused on the Ambio lamp by Teresa van Dongen, and made an interview with her and the scientist she worked with. The interview was printed and handed out to the audience in two parts, where each person had either the questions or the ans- wers. The audience had to re-enact the interview between them to get the whole picture, simulating the exchange happening between designers and scientists.
A 1000 times welcome
Launching the redesign of my portfolio, I wrote handwritten welcome notes to the 1000 first visitors. With minutes and seconds being the main currency online, writing these notes was also a way to show appreciation for the time my visitors invested in visiting my website. Thank you!
Life in VR
A research project about virtual reality’s search for a natural place in our everyday lives. At the moment it’s hard to see past the technology itself, and this is also why it’s difficult to let it under our skin. Where is the line between technological gimmick and a functional everyday medium, and in what context can it find its spot?

In an experiment to find this everyday placement for VR I wore a pair of google cardboards for a day, equipped with only a gopro. I used the footage to create a series of VR podcasts discussing this topic, while also experimenting with the combination of the VR media in combination with the podcast style of delivering a content.

Video best experienced in a pair of cardboards.
Happy to see you!
A Pinata that was made for the opening
of Onomatopee’s new project space. To underline how happy we were to see all the visitors, the pinata was filled with 100 eye-ball painted ping pong balls.
2013 –
Various graphic work
To menn på Tøyenbadet
I always got fascinated by listening to the casual conversations between people in public, so I went collecting them with my sound recorder. After hiding the recorder in the men's shower of a public bath, one of the conversations especially tickled my interest. It's a perfectly unremarkable chat - just the kind you'll hear in the background everywhere in public, yet by being put into a completely different setting, the role of the two persons' casual conversation is turned completely around. I wanted to see if it was possible to look at the lives of the people around us in public in a different way by changing how we're experiencing them.
AMPMFM is the world's first completely public radio – a radio transmitter placed in public space, for everyone to use.

The transmission took place in St.Hanshaugen Park, Oslo, during a single sunday. The simple radio sender had enough power to transmit signals within an 1-2km radius for about 24 hours. The microphone was left constantly on, not only transmitting what people might have said on intention, but also random pieces of conversations.
Reproduction - An Exhibition in cooperation
What do you end up with when you filter a message through a long chain of seasoned communicators? During a two-month long workshop, a brief was passed through a line of designers in a game of coding and decoding. Based on the result from the previous designer in the line, each designer got 48 hours to decode the original brief, create their own solution, and pass it on to the next. The result was put together as an exhibiton at Grafill R21, celebrating an orgy of cooperative expression, experienced reproduction, and happy accidents.